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The Associated Whistleblowing Press (AWP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the defense of the human rights by promoting transparency, freedom of information, freedom of speech, whistle-blowing and investigative journalism on a local and international level.
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The AWP is conceived as a network made up of local platforms which deal with the struggles and concerns of specific cultural contexts. Therefore, even though the project has a global focus, it has to respect and account for local diversity in a “from the roots upwards” model. Each platform allows local citizens to send information proving abuse or corruption in a safe and anonymous way. Through these nodes, contacts in local media outlets will be made in order to coordinate the submission, analysis and publishing of leaked information.

Our model aims to provide local actors with the possibility of denouncing wrongdoing in their communities, bringing problems to the public and empowering citizens, media and local authorities to take action against corruption and abuse. In the long run we hope to restablish journalism as an active force in building a fair and transparent society. Transparency is essential for any healthy society: the right to know the truth should always be recognized and respected.

Our aim is to promote cooperation and interaction between different local whistle-blowing initiatives in a decentralized way: if you are already working in a similar project in your country or region, or if you would like to start one - contact us.

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In 2014 it published the Icelandic police report on the 'Pot and Pans Revolution' from 2008 to 2011, exposing surveillance of civilians and activists.



More than 30 leaks, 100 documents and 70 news pieces published, denouncing wrongdoing in different fields such as the media and civil environment, health, corporate society accountability and governmental institutions. In 2015 it published the full Madrid Olympic Games finances and 3 TTIP/TISA classified drafts.



Published more than 30 documents and reports from the Ecuadorian Intelligence Agency, denouncing illegal surveillance of journalists, activists, politicians and environmentalists; in 2015 it published classified diplomatic cables exposing the Free Trade Agreement negotiations between Ecuador and the E.U.



Project implemented and supported in a collaboration with Free Press Unlimited. After a series of high profile leaks, it was shortlisted for the Freedom of Expression Awards 2016 by the Index on Censorship.



Launching on March 29th 2016.


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The AWP is supported by DataCell ehf, a sustainable and ethical hosting provider supporting transparency and freedom of expression.

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